Illinois Aluminum Movement
5,542,807, Illinois Aluminum Movement watch. 3-O size.
Grade 307. 17 jewels. Pendant set. Stem at 3 o'clock.
Serial number 5,542,807, seventh in the run! Produced
about the third or fourth year after Hamilton purchased
Illinois. Illinois book shows this run starts at have actually
produced that many, depending on part supplies, success,
and-or problems)! Though extremely light, most of us know
how soft and problematic Aluminum is for threads, etc, so
they may have decided Aluminum plates were a bad idea.
Designated by a model number 307 S. A. W. (special
Aluminum watch?), not certain what the abbreviation
stands for yet. I have not found this model in any price
guide, though a size 12 Aluminum movement appears in
Cooksey Shugarts Price Guide to Watches. This
movement is in excellent condition. Below you can see it in
contrast to a standard nickel model 307 movement, the
color and weight differences are dramatic. This might be
the only Aluminum Illinois watch you will have the pleasure
to see.
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